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To do / To see - Central Region

Kasungu National Park

Stunning scenery and lush nature

Three hours from Lilongwe, the park offers multiple circuits to the discovery of animals, but also history. You will also have the chance to admire beautiful sunsets on the savannah. A visit to the Iron Mountains, west of the reserve, is essential. In addition to the postcard landscapes, you will discover hundreds of years old cave paintings and other treasures from the Iron Age of Malawi.


Nkotakhota Wildlife Reserve

The wild nature around the Bua River

The Bua River has many rapids in the rainy season and its level drops very low in the dry season, allowing to discover its bed of rocks. A walk in the reserve will allow you to discover a particular flora with proteas and some orchids, or to observe some insects with particular behavior. You will walk on the elephant trail, you will come across some crocodiles and many birds.


Kuti Game Reserve

A concentrate of emotions

Kuti is one of the smallest reserves in Malawi. It is not very lush and yet you will live great emotions to approach the many zebras walking in the camp. A giraffe is still part of the wildlife reserve and it also happens to walk between huts.

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Senga Bay

The land of aquarists

If the splendor of Lake Malawi is visible all along its coast, Senga Bay is characterized by the point of collection and sorting of cichlids leaving for the whole world, to the delight of aquarists. Scuba diving and visiting Stuart Grant Limited are just some of the activities not to be missed.


Mua Mission

An immersion in the Chewa culture

In Mua, you will discover the Kungoni Cultural Center. It is an art gallery initiated by Canadian priest Claude Boucher (Chisale) and a museum of tribal culture Chewa. The museum consists of different rooms, each representing a specific ethnic group. In each, traditional masks are visible and each is explained and put in context. The photos are however prohibited.



His flourishing pottery

Dedza has no specific appeal apart from his pottery. On the other hand, it is worth a few hours' break to learn the basics of pottery and ceramics and to admire the fabulous work of local artisans. And who knows, maybe you'll find an exceptional piece to bring back with you.



The political capital

The great city par excellence, Lilongwe is very extensive and is divided into sectors dedicated to industries, businesses, or homes. In the old town, you can visit the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary, an animal rehabilitation center.

Among the monuments not to be missed, the mausoleum of Dr. Banda, Malawi's first president, is worth seeing. From there, you will have an exceptional view of the Malawi Parliament.


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