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Things to know

Do I need a visa ?

To return to Malawi, you need a valid passport six months after your return and a visa.

The visa can be taken at the customs of the airport or at the border of entry into the country. It can also be requested from the consular service of the Embassy of Malawi in Brussels. The price of the visa for Malawi is 100 euros for a three-month tourist visa. All information is available on the Embassy website :

What about the health ?

Malawi is a relatively safe country. No vaccine is required to return.. 

Malaria is endemic in Malawi, no matter where you go. All precautions (mosquito spray, suitable clothing, mosquito nets) and preventive treatment are required.

Travel Medicine will advise you on the vaccines to be taken and treatment(s) to be taken, as well as on a suitable pharmacy.

When to go ?

The most touristic season is the dry season, from May to October.  This is when the grasses is the lowest and the easiest time to observe animals.


But Malawi can be visited at any time of the year. This will depend in particular on your interests; the orchids are in bloom in January, the landscapes are green from December to April... 

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Cash or Card ?

Malawi's Kwatcha is the local currency. It is very difficult to buy in Europe. 

The main cities of Malawi (Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu) nevertheless have ATMs that work with Visa cards and sometimes Mastercard cards.

It is also possible to pay with Euros or US Dollars. However, the exchange rate applied is never favorable.

Now do not forget that traveling with Malawian Tour is All-in. So you will need very little liquid on site. When you arrive, ask your guide to stop at a dealer. He will be happy to satisfy you.

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