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To do / To see - Southern Region

Majete Game Reserve

A conscentrate of the bigest mammals

Discover the Nyala antelope, one of the most beautiful in Africa, in a lush environment.

You can also see some great Kudus and other more common antelopes. It is not uncommon to meet in the reserve one or the other elephant, which sometimes strolls within the camp itself. Giraf, rhinos, lions and leopards also populate the reserve.


Liwonde National Park

The Shire River valley

Discover exceptional wildlife during a boat trip on the Shire River. Antelopes and elephants come to drink there. Hippos and crocodiles rule in the water while waders and kingfishers populate the banks in search of their meal.

Take a tour of the reserve with the camp guide to meet the big mammals. You may encounter a rhinoceros recently reintroduced into the park


Lengwe National Park

The southernmost reserve

Relatively small, the reserve is full of antelopes that are easy to see in the dry season, first water points east of the reserve. Warthogs and bush pigs are also easily visible. Some hyenas and leopards are the natural predators of Lengwe. A museum and an art gallery are also worth visiting, right at the entrance to the reserve.


Mulanje Mountain

The climax

In the heart of Mulanje massif, the mountain of the same name culmlinate to 3002m of altitude. It is the ideal place for hiking. You will then cross multiple faceted landscapes, from the grassy plains at the foot of the mountain to the forest of fairly dense altitude, passing by ctea and offee plantationss. Climbing is also possible with, at the top, the reward offered by nature, an exceptional view of Africa.


Le plateau Zomba

A dense and preserved forest

The Zomba Plateau borders the Shire River Valley. It offers splendid landscapes, but especially a forest preserved with rare species. Many hiking opportunities exist, as well as great car rides. The fauna is essentially made up of birds and insects, including some beautiful butterflies.


Cape Mc Lear - Domwe et Thumbi Islands

Lazing and diving

In the heart of the Lake Malawi National Wildlife Reserve, Cape Mc Lear is a small resort town. It must be said that its beaches are exceptional. The lake is also a source of incredible pleasure and you can swim freely at the discovery of the mbunas, colorful cichlids endemic to Lake Malawi, particulary around Thumbi Island..

Domwe Island, a small island 20 minutes by boat from the coast will allow you to spend an exceptional night away from any noisy civilization. The total absence of lighting on the island will allow you to enjoy a breathtaking starry sky



A bit of history by the lake

Mangochi is a small town with unsuspected historical treasures. It was built in 1889 to stop slave traffic to Zanzibar, and many monuments are to be discovered. The lake is also an outstanding attraction of Mangochi.

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