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Tailor-made tours

Why cutomize your tour ?

If our standard offer does not satisfy you fully, if you want to customize your visits according to your desires and passions, if you want to go in a group for a specific purpose of discovery, or for any other reason that you own to customize your trip to Malawi, do not hesitate to customize your trip to Malawi by asking for tailor-made.

We can answer them, for example by a themed travel program (birds, fish, grandiose landscapes, ...) or by a trip adapted to your specificities such as a handicap or by a more sporting trip, with parts in bike or trekking. 

What to do ?

Just send us a mail or give us a call. We’ll analyse your first request and fix a meeting with you in order to map precisely all activities and specifications (incl. duration of your visit) that you would like to be included in your voyage.

If the proposed programme suits you fine, we’ll write you a financial proposition, always without flights.


Once we’ve received your acceptation, your voyage will be reserved.

When ask ?

Once your detailed programme is written and validated, we need two weeks to establish a written proposal. This means that you’ll need to come to us with your request for a customized circuit at least two months before your expected departure date. Ideally, we would like to receive your demand 3 to 4 months in advance.

What we never do

Leave you alone !

All our circuits and voyages through the country are accompanied by at least one driver. This means that you will not be offered a dream voyage where you’ll drive solely with a rented vehicle. The driver will be present, not only for your own safety but also because we like to integrate the local population and the value of sharing in our trips.

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Malawian Tour - Malawi Lake

Price and conditions

The price of tailor-made trips is calculated as accurately as possible taking into account the number of people, and always off the flight. It is given to you per person, based on the number of participants you have indicated. We will write down the per capita supplement you can count if the actual number is lower

This price includes :

A personalized welcome and a local companion 24/24.
The nights in room / double tent (room / single tent extra 20 € / person / night).
Every meal.
Drinks apart from dry spirits and wine.
Transportation throughout the circuit.
Guided safaris and other activities as described.

Budget to be provided for the flight:

Airfare varies from 750 to 1250 € / person depending on the season.

See also our general conditions of travel

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