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Who are we ?

Passionate about Africa, we want to be able to share a culture, an atmosphere, nature and this by integrating it into a life project.

Nature is not just beautiful images of wild animals. Nature, for us, is a communion with the earth. It is a respect for her and for our environment. Thus, we prefer in our travels simple dwellings like tents or huts, which allow to feel the wild and original Africa.

We do not allow a single piece of waste to be thrown on the floor, whether it is a cigarette butt or an empty can or packaging. Both our guides and local drivers respect and enforce this minimum rule.


The atmosphere in Africa is two very different elements that come together: nature and culture.

Thus, the atmosphere of nature is made of various noises, songs of birds, creaks of grasshoppers, barking and other cries of animals and sometimes, simply silence and the sound of the wind. That's why, when we walk on the reserves, there is silence. This is what makes it easier to hear, to better impregnate, to better distinguish different noises. And then, it also gives us more chance to see the animals. But do not think that silence is nothing to say. For us, it's just a matter of avoiding talking and forgetting why we are there or making too much noise, which would frighten animals.


The atmosphere of culture is rhythms, songs, dances, trances. They are also smells of fire, food ... Finally, bright colors are everywhere that make Africa a living and shimmering continent.


CWe do not want to expose this culture. We find that it is sufficiently visible when it wants to be. So we’ll just explain it to you, respect it, and if there’s an opportunity, we’ll show it to you. But culture in Africa is not only a colourful tradition, it is also simple people who work to feed their families, who cultivate their fields, sell their vegetables, ... We will meet them in the markets, in the villages... And always with the utmost respect for people and their differences. We will also share our meals with the local guide and the driver who accompany us.


Finally, we are part of a project, which we hope will be sustainable, for the development of local populations. Of course we can not help a people of 17 million people with a growing population, but we can help some, that's good enough. We have chosen to support the
Chilumba community by creating a lodge with the help of the non-profit organization "Malawi Kukula!" (it will open in 2020). It should provide direct employment, but also provide indirect employment opportunities. And above all, through our travels, we financially support the primary school of Chilumba by dedicating for each traveler who accompanies us, an amount of 50 euros for the purchase of different supplies for the sponsorship of certain children.

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