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The lake pleasures

Day 1

Brussels-Lilongwe flight  with Ethiopian Airline.

Arrival next morning.

Day  2 - Transfert (570km)

Réception at Lilongwe Airport and transfert to your hotel - La Rondavelle in Chilumba

Days 3 and 4 - Chilumba

From the lodge  you’ll meet the fishermen. They’ll take you with them on their canoes and you can jump into the water for free diving or snorkelling near the peninsula. You can also join them in their fishing activities. Sensible aquarists pay attention: the Mbunas are edible. For your info we’d like to mention that the lodge also offers local visits (not included in our price).

Days 5 and 6 - Nkata Bay

Departure at 8:00 am for Nkata Bay. On our road, we’ll take the time to stop at Mzuzu to enjoy the colourful grand market. The next day, at Nkata Bay, after a free morning, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of a first dive during daytime and a second at night.

Day 7 - Kuti Wildlife Reserve

You’ll leave around 9:00 am for the Kuti Wildlife Reserve, one of the smallest reserves in Malawi. You can actually meet with the zebras between the huts in the camp. In the late afternoon you’ll make a little tour in the reserve to encounter the numerous antelopes that live here.

Days 8 and 9 - Kambiri Point, Mua Mission

At 8:00 am you’ll head for Kambiri Point. There you can visit the Fish Farm Stuart Grant Lmd, a farm where Mbunas are collected for aquarists around the world. Early next morning, fishermen of Stuart Grant Lmd will accompany you for a dive in the waters around Maleri Island.

After your return and once you’ve enjoyed breakfast, you’ll leave for Cape Mc Lear. A stop at the Mua Mission is compulsory in order to discover this museum dedicated to the Chewa culture as well as an art gallery that only exposes pieces made by local artists.

Days 10, 11 and 12 - Cape Mac Lear

The first two mornings at Cape Mc Clear are free, enabling you to enjoy the calm of the beaches or to visit the surroundings. In the afternoons you can take a dive in the waters near Domwe Island, a second one near Mumbo Island. Le last day two more dives, the first in the morning near Thumbi Island and at 6pm a second one in the dark.


Days 13 and 14 - Liwonde National Park

Departure for the Liwonde National Park (8:00 am) in the valley of the Shire River. At your arrial, we propose you a boat trip on the river in order to observe the numerous birds, but also antelopes and elephants that come to drink. The hippopotamuses and crocodiles will also impress you as we continue our boat trip. You can also visit the park on foot or by car, of course in the hope of meeting one of the big animals or a rhino.

You’ll leave the reserve around 1pm to join Lilongwe.

Day 15

Transfer to Lilongwe Airport – flight back to Brussels with Ethiopian Airlines. Arrival the next morning.

Day 16

Arrival in Brussels

Malawian Tour - Pêcheurs de Chilumba
Malawian Tour - Girafe à Kuti

Price and conditions

The price for this trip is 2850 € / person, excluding flight, for a group consisting of at least 4 people.

It can be organized from 2 people at an extra charge of 350 € / person.

This price includes :

A personalized welcome and a local companion 24/24.
The nights in room / double tent (room / single tent extra 20 € / person / night).
Every meal.
Drinks apart from dry spirits and wine.
Transportation throughout the circuit.
Guided safaris and other activities as described.

Budget to be provided for the flight:

Airfare varies from 750 to 1250 € / person depending on the season.

See also our general conditions of travel

Malawian Tour - Cichlidé du lac Malawi
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