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Nature and rest

Day 1

Brussels-Lilongwe flight  with Ethiopian Airline.

Arrival next morning.

Day 2

Reception at Lilongwe airport and transfert to your hotel - Korea Garden Lodge.

Days 3 and 4 - Kasungu National Park

We leave immediately after breakfast and head for Kasungu National Park. As soon as we finished our settlement we’ll take you to the heights of the Black Rock in order to admire the splendid sunset over the savannah.

Early morning on the second day, a walk at the lake gives you another occasion to observe antelopes, hippos, elephants, … Around 10am, we leave for the Iron Mountains, wonderful hills that will astonish you with their breath taking landscapes. We’ll also discover traces of Malawi’s iron age. At 6pm it’ll be time to return because there’s a delicious meal waiting for us at the restaurant of Lufipa Lodge.

Day 5 - Viphya Forest Reserve

Departure at 8:00 am for Viphya Forest Reserve where a night in a tent in the middle of the forest awaits us at Luwawa Forest Lodge. In the afternoon, we’ll go for a 2h30 walk to observe monkeys and birds.

Days 6 and 7 - Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

We leave around 8am in direction of Mzuzu where we’ll make a tour at the colourful Grand Market. Afterwards, we continue our road towards Vwaza Marsh. We’ll arrive shortly before sunset, so you will still be able to take a look from your hut and watch the animals come drinking on the banks of the small lake.

In the early morning hours, a two – three hour walk around the lake at Vwaza awaits you, enabling you to approach the hippos. If fortune smiles upon us, we may even admire a group of elephants taking their bath.

For the most courageous, getting up before sunrise gives you the unique opportunity to observe the hippos regaining the water after a night grazing in the meadows.

Day 8 - Nkata Bay

Nkata Bay is the ideal place to relax. You can spend all day freely making a tour amidst craft shops, strolling near the lake, visiting the harbour, … The lodge also proposes diving and snorkelling excursions (not included in our price).

Days 9 and 10 - Nkhota Kota Wildlife Reserve

At 8:00 am we leave Nkata Bay and head for Nkhota Kota Wildlife Reserve. You can relax a little bit at the bar of the lodge while observing the birds that sit on the banks of the Bua River.

Early next morning, a 3h walk in the Reserve takes you along this river and will show you, depending the season, the chaotic twists or the rapids of the Bua River. A guide will give you background of the Reserve’s history and will let you discover some new insights on certain plants.

We’ll leave the Reserve around 1pm and join Cape Mc Lear.

Days 11 and 12 - Cape Mac Lear

At 10:00 am you’ll be invited for a boat trip. You can visit Thumbi island, not far from Cape Mc Lear, in the middle of the lake Malawi Reserve. You’ll be able to admire the coloured Cichlids and, if you’d like to take a swim, go snorkelling to observe them from nearby. Around 3pm a boat will take you to the island of Domwe, where you can spend the night in a luxurious tent. The next day we’ll return around 3:00 pm.

Day 13 - Dedza

At 9am you’ll leave Cape Mc Lear to reach Dedza, a little village near the border with Mozambique. Once arrived, you’ll have the possibility to visit Dedza Potery, an extraordinary pottery with exceptional know-how.

You’ll sleep there.

Day 14 - Lilongwe

In the morning you’ll head for Lilongwe and join the Korean Garden Lodge. After lunch, you can visit some monuments in Lilongwe, amongst which the Mausoleum of Dr. Banda – prime minister of the country –, as well as Lilongwe Wildlife Center, the recovery centre for wild animals in the heart of the ancient town.

Day 15

Transfer to Lilongwe Airport – flight back to Brussels with Ethiopian Airlines. Arrival the next morning.

Day 16

Arrival in Brussels

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Prices and conditions

The price for this trip is 2450 € / person, excluding flight, for a group consisting of at least 5 people.

It can be organized from 3 people at an extra charge of 400 € / person.

This price includes :

A personalized welcome and a local companion 24/24.
The nights in room / double tent (room / single tent extra 20 € / person / night).
Every meal.
Drinks apart from dry spirits and wine.
Transportation throughout the circuit.
Guided safaris and other activities as described.

Budget to be provided for the flight:

Airfare varies from 750 to 1250 € / person depending on the season.

See also our general conditions of travel

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